CF Assist Premium Club

CF Fleet Management Services with more than 18 years expertise gives all members a 24 X 7 all year round comfort, with the following services.

Trusted Roadside Assistance Service
Assistance after a vehicle accident
Accident claim processing and repairs
Routine Lubrication Service
Expert mechanical repairs

Enrolment Fee: Rs. 1,000/-

For further information or to enroll as a CF Assist Premium Club Member please contact

Y S Niroshana 0112315159 0773402114
Nimshi Welgama 0112315160 0773779050
Dilhan Hettiarchchi 0112315168 0771077524
Dishnali Amarasekera 0112315158 0770033611
Thushara Priyankara 0112315158 0773323899

CF Carrier Service

Immediate Response

24-Hour service.
7 days of the week collecting and delivery location of your choice.

Best rate in the market

For the first 25 km -Rs.4500/-,for additional Rs.80/- per km - inclusive of all taxes.

Friendly and attentive staff

Reliable and efficient service is guaranteed.

Accident repairs and lube servicing

Done at our fully equipped workshop( off Campbell Place)for reasonable rates.

Call for more details

Saman de Silva 0715974811
Sanjeewa Goonasekara 0777718483
Palitha Cooray 0777668532
Dinesh Rathnayake 0777269704

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