Micro Finance

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The Company’s first microfinance scheme CF Navodya was launched in 2009. This project initially concen-trated on three village units in Dambulla, Keppetipola and Sooriyawewa and was later expanded to include eighteen MF units spanning across the Central, Sabaragamuwa, Wayamba, Northern, North Central and Eastern provinces.

CF grants loans to individuals as well as members of loan groups under the Navodya scheme. Loan groups are also set up for the females in the community with the aim of inspiring them to channel their skills towards an income-generating project that improves their lives for the better. The Company also organises entrepre- neur development programs to provide technical and advisory services for communities to educate them on how to manage their projects better.



Microfinance paves the path for development. Here at CF, we believe in implementing sustain-able microfinance projects that improve livelihood and empower communities.

Central Finance Company PLC is proud to have enriched the lives of over 1200 families so far,by granting 2400 loans.Most of our beneficiaries are now in their second or third loan cycle and the development of the community and improvement of their living standards is remarkable.

CF Navodya is targeted at assisting men and women involved in agriculture, animal farming, fishing, cottage industries such as woodwork, cement-based products and sewing and any other viable economic activity to develop their trades and increase their income.

CF Navodya also introduced a specialised loan program, granting dairy farmers loans for purchase of cattle, develop infrastructure and implement pasture cultivation and bio-gas systems.