CF Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd

CF Insurance Brokers (CFIB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Central Finance Co. PLC, established in 1986.

When the concept of insurance broking was recognised in the local market by the Control of Insurance Amendment Act No. 42 of 1986, Central Finance was among the first to become involved in the industry. Within a decade, the insurance business handled by the Company had reached such proportions that a separate organisation, CFIB was established in 1996 to provide first-class insurance broking service to clients.

CFIB stands committed to a high standard of excellence in all that it does. CFIB’s philosophy is to establish a firm relationship of mutual trust and service with each of its clients through expert advice and a personalised service of the highest quality.


Motor Insurance
Mr Samantha Perera (Colombo)
Mrs Wasanthi Amunugama (Kandy)

0845 643 3540



Customer Service
Motor Insurance
0112 315 282
0812 230 184

Motor Claims Assistance
0112 300 479

Non-Motor Insurance
0114 335 802
0777 389 631




Personal Insurance


Our trained advisors will introduce you to a range of products designed to protect you on a day-to-day basis.

    •    Motor Insurance
    •    Household Insurance
    •    Personal Accident Insurance
    •    Health and Surgical Insurance
    •    Life Insurance
    •    Travel Insurance

Our trained advisors will introduce you to a wide range of products designed to protect the key components of day-to-day life.


Corporate Insurance


Our experienced team of brokers will advice you on how best to safeguard your business and arrange protection over range of industry sectors.

    •    Motor Insurance
    •    Property Insurance
    •    Employee Protection Insurance
    •    Liability Insurance
    •    Engineering Insurance
    •    Marine Insurance