Short Term Hire

We have a selection of cars available for daily or monthly hire on a self-drive basis. Whether your regular car breaks down or you require a vehicle for a business or leisure trip, we ensure that you have a varied selection at different budgets, to choose from.


CF Budget Hire

Maruti 800 cars - Rs.1,450/- per day inclusive of taxes

Alto 800 cars - Rs.2,250/- per day inclusive of taxes
  • Manual transmission
  • Daily rental
  • Air conditioned Maruti 800CC
  • Hassle free hire of Self-drive


CF Whizz

Rs. 2,589/- per day inclusive of taxes

Easy rental of Suzuki A Star cars with Automatic Transmission
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Daily rental
  • Air conditioned fleet
  • Self drive


Short Hire

Rs. 2650/- to Rs. 5000/- per day inclusive of Taxes

Hire of a range of pre-owned cars available at varied daily rentals.
  • Daily rental
  • Air conditioned Sedans
  • Price depends on model of car Automatic or manual transmission